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Yoongi loves you and I’m sure he can present much more contentment than simply I had

Yoongi loves you and I’m sure he can present much more contentment than simply I had

Yoongi loves you and I’m sure he can present much more contentment than simply I had

–Hoseok: “Babe, I’m home,” Hoseok hollered, dropping his things on the hardwood floor. In his hand was a bouquet of flowers; marigolds and roses (y/n’s favorites). He trotted into the kitchen, expecting to see her wearing an apron while cooking up some food, only for him to sneak up behind her and sneak his arms around y/n’s waist, but frowned when he noticed that the kitchen was unoccupied. However, on the table was a plate of Hoseok’s favorite slice of peach cheesecake and a letter written in familiar, curvy handwriting. Hoseok’s hearts dropped to his toes, flowers slipping from his fingers. With lead legs, Hoseok shuffled towards the table. Picking up the letter with shaky hands, he brought it up to read. “Dearest Hoseok, By the time you read this letter, I will be gone. Who knows where I’ll go, but whatever you do, don’t come looking for me. I’m sorry Hoseok, I’m truly truly sorry for having to leave like this. These past two years have been, complete bliss. I mean it, but I’ve seen the way you look at him. I’ve seen the way your eyes wander to Yoongi whenever we’re talking, or whenever we’ve kissed, I’ve seen the way you wanted him more than me. I know it was selfish of me to deny your feelings and even have the gall to talk with Yoongi, but now it’s time to face reality. I forgive you for the times you used to sneak out, or the times when you wouldn’t hug or kiss me, or the time I found Yoongi in our bed. I forgive you. I have a piece of you, with me right now.” Flipping the paper over, Hoseok realized, with blurry vision, that the paper y/n had written on was an ultrasound photo. Hoseok felt his knees give out as he slipped to the floor, crumpling the piece of paper to his chest, weeping softly. “Y/n, y/n, I’m so sorry.” Just like the Really don’t Feel the Cardio To-break HOBI’S We Generated His Quick And you will (bitter)Sweet.

V (Taehyung): Once an extended concept out of having fun with your puppy, however fall asleep under-the-table as you produced the way to the man you’re seeing who was simply lying on your settee, watching a motion picture with the Tv. “taetae

And remember, I am going to always remember you while the my very first like

Hip hop Monster: “Most? Would you claim that once again?” He would state just after pulling out his mobile phone. “What’s happening?” You’d inquire baffled. “I want to list that it to show they so you’re able to the woman whenever this woman is older and you can starts to not spend as much date with me personally.” He’d feel entirely significant but you’ll burst to your wit. “Impress, you really thought ahead huh?” You’ll answer in advance of providing your a hug. “Don’t worry, she’ll still like you.”


–elizabeth home to get the house just as a beneficial ghost area, he instantaneously turned stressed. As he walked on kitchen area and found a credit standing up for grabs along with his label involved on the handwriting, his cardiovascular system sank and you can smashed. The guy anxiously ran on the it as he gripped they and study they macha does work. Indeed there it had been, on the handwriting, upright handling the difficulty. Jungkook ended up being straight up cheat for you over the past 8 weeks. Not to mention you couldn’t merely the stand by position and be ‘deceived’. You’d informed me from the letter this wasn’t healthy having your, considering him cheat for you made your unwell to the tummy. That in case he it is liked you the guy would not was in fact sleep as much as with another woman. That’d it is best if you never discover each other getting some time, that he at least are obligated to pay you anywhere near this much. Of course the guy don’t delete their amount, obviously he didn’t unfollow your into any social network. However, he did cry. He’d done this, thanks to smiles and you may childish battles you’ll gone through dense and you can narrow, simply for your to help you place 2 wonderful numerous years of an enchanting matchmaking and you can three-years of relationship along the sink in two weeks. They took your someday so you’re able to upright block links for the other lady. He hadn’t checked out the way you was basically carrying out in 30 days, and he missed your, the guy skipped you plenty. Very the guy in the end continued your own Instagram, simply to discover shocking shock of you exhibiting an infant knock. He anxiously attempted to contact you.Julettergkook:y/letter! Jungkook:browse I am aware We banged upwards, We fucked upwards larger timeJungkook: I put out 5 great many years of once you understand you, and you may enjoying you on the drainJungkook: I’m sure I can not without difficulty produce back as the everything i performed is actually dreadful and you can unforgiving and that i are unable to forgive myself eitherJungkook: but from your photo, I am aware it is not simply oneJungkook: y/letter, delight, I simply want to know if they are mineJungkook: excite y/letter you simply can’t deprive him or her regarding an effective fatherJungkook: please i’d like to get this suitable for no less than them


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