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To help expand see whether there is certainly marker–phenotype organization to possess ws and you may tp family genes within this 80

To help expand see whether there is certainly marker–phenotype organization to possess ws and you may tp family genes within this 80

To help expand see whether there is certainly marker–phenotype organization to possess ws and you may tp family genes within this 80
This is basically the very first overview of ws and you may tp genetics for the melon

9-kb part, succession positioning had been presented anywhere between ‘Queen’ and you may MR-step one. A total of 15 novel SNP locus and you may 17 unique InDel differences in ‘Queen’ was indeed recognized (Supplemental Tables 5 and you can 6). Predicated on gene prediction annotation, this type of SNP and InDel distinctions was basically situated in MELO3C023548, MELO3C023549, MELO3C023550, MELO3C023551, MELO3C023554, and you can MELO3C023555. The new InDel (3-bp insertion-Chr.1:32354792) observed in MELO3C023555 and you can InDel (1-bp removal-Chr.1: 32408632) noticed in MELO3C023548 triggered UTR_3_Finest and UTR_5_Primary area variants, respectively. Brand new SNP (nucleotide transition away from G so you’re able to T-Chr.1: 32392799) and InDel (8 bp removal-Chr.1: 32393077) have been recognized regarding the upstream out of MELO3C023550. A few InDels (1-bp deletion) was basically seen in the fresh upstream MELO3C023554.

Extremely differences, also 14 SNPs and you will 11 InDel distinctions was basically used in MELO3C023549, for example the new MELO3C023549 into the ‘Queen’ can be distinctive from that other melon lines. MELO3C023549 is actually predicted so you can encode a person in transcription factor MYB similar to an MYB46-such as for example transcription component that appeared as if pertaining to confident regulation off secondary cellphone wall structure biogenesis (Supplemental Table 4). One InDel (33 bp DNA installation-Chr.1: 32382245) try detected on intron out-of MELO3C023551. About DHL92 site genome, that it gene try 6244 bp in length having fourteen exons. It 33-bp installation regarding ‘Queen’ was included in 105-bp intron area anywhere between exon ten and you will exon 11 (scaffold00060: 1,260,2step 15–step 1,260,320). MELO3C023551 try annotated to encode CESA catalytic subunit 3 (UDP creating) and you may associated with cellulose biosynthetic procedure. Thus, i inferred one MELO3C023549 and you will MELO3C023551 was indeed more than likely in the wave seeds and strict-placenta mutation for the melon ‘Queen’.


We previously found a fascinating event one melon ‘Queen’ bears tight-placenta fruits and you will trend vegetables. Hereditary investigation indicated that these attributes was in fact subject to the recessive genetics ws and you can tp, correspondingly. Likewise, the fresh cosegregation pricing revealed that the new rigorous-placenta attribute are associated with the fresh wave vegetables attribute.

A total of 449 SSR plified polymorphism bands which were obvious, reproducible, and specific. Ten polymorphic SSR plify clear and certain polymorphism groups. The latest polymorphism top is actually twenty two.7% (102 out-of 449) anywhere between ‘Queen’ and you may MR-1 in this study. However, that it polymorphic ratio failed to show the brand new polymorphism number of SSR markers between ‘Queen’ and you can MR-step 1 centered on all of our most other degree. MR-step 1 and you can ‘Queen’ were and additionally used because the mothers so you’re able to map QTL getting downy mildew opposition (data unpublished). Where studies, 537 SSR primers have been tested and 168 (30.3%) was basically polymorphic ranging from MR-step one and ‘Queen’. This polymorphic proportion try exactly like you to definitely discovered ranging from AR 5 rencontre avec un professionnel and you can Harukei 3 (29.8%) (Fukino mais aussi al., 2008), or polymorphism proportion anywhere between Edisto 47 and ‘Queen’ (30.5%) (Ning mais aussi al., 2014a). But it polymorphism top had been less than one discovered between mom and dad always obtain the PI_PS map (49.6%) (Gonzalo ainsi que al., 2005). The low polymorphism anywhere between ‘Queen’ and you can MR-step 1 can be related to their far more equivalent hereditary background.

Previous studies showed that the morphology traits of Cucurbitaceae seeds were quantitative traits generally controlled by multiple genes. Several QTLs associated with seed traits were detected on seven linkage groups in watermelon (Chi et al., 2017; Liu et al., 2014; Yi et al., 2014). QTL analysis of cucumber seed was concentrated on the five linkage groups (Chen et al., 2012; Wang et al., 2014). By using an F2 population developed from melon Ano2 and K413, Wang et al. (2011) found that several QTLs on LG 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 controlled SL, SD, and SW. Six QTLs for seed-related traits were detected on LG 1, 2, 5, and 8 in melon MR-1 and M1-15 (Ye et al., 2017). In this study, one major SL QTL and one major SS QTL, both linked with wave seed trait, were detected at LOD scores of 15.6 and 13.4, respectively. This result showed that wave seed shape had a significant impact on SL and SS traits during melon ‘Queen’ fruit development.


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