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Spdate definitely lacks features compared to its casual dating counterparts

Spdate definitely lacks features compared to its casual dating counterparts

Spdate definitely lacks features compared to its casual dating counterparts

Clicking this button will take you to an external link where you are supposed to get a date. The links differ every time which highly resembles a spam URL. The external link will contain pornographic content which will ask you to click. We tested whether these links are functional and the results came out negative. The series of questions are endless that will pass you on from one spam link to another.

If it’s any good, the artificial profiles quickly reply and will send you tons of sexy images. If only for this reason, the site is great if you have a lot of time to burn, but if you are after a sexual encounter with a real person, Spdate’s contacting features won’t cut out it for you.

Spdate Profile Quality

  • Profile pictures are visible for free
  • Profiles are not being checked for authenticity
  • A lot of fake profiles
  • Fake profiles (bots) are more active than real members
  • The profiles are poorly detailed

Expect to see a lot of advertisements sprinkled throughout the pages of Spdate, especially the profile pages. Some of the ads even try to mimic some of the functions on the site. For instance, a pop-up will tell you that you have received a friend request. But when you click the pop-up, it will take you to another website instead of taking you to your friend requests list. You will usually come across these misleading advertisements when you click to another page within the site.

As for the completeness of the profile information, Spdate’s pages may not be the worst but they are not the best either. You will get basic information from the profiles only, and that is if you come across a real one. Most of the profiles on your match list are fake, site-generated users which Spdate admits to being used as tools to boost the activity on the site.

Just talking to these artificial users is enough to uncover that they are bots. Whatever question you ask them will get you an automatic reply of a sexy photo wearing sexy undergarments. They are fun to talk to at first but the conversation can get stale after some time.

Spdate App

  • There is no app yet
  • Access mobile version through your phone browser
  • You can create an account on the mobile version
  • Features are similar on desktop and mobile version
  • Access mobile version for free

Spdate doesn’t have a mobile app at the moment, but all of its features are available through a mobile version of the site. You can open it using any phone through a mobile browser. Just go to Spdate like you would using a desktop and the site automatically translates into the mobile version.

Spdate Real Life Review

I am not a fan of dating sites who uses fake people to talk and lure members into joining them. That is just outright lying and a waste of time. Why do these people think I joined a dating site? The bots are fun to play with and they sent me a lot of sexy bot pictures, but I don’t think I can last long on this site. It’s free though, so no harm done I guess. – Clint, 29, Manager

Design and Usability

Spdate’s design is a bit problematic because of too many advertisements. These advertisements are cursor-sensitive so it is very possible to click one up without intending to after attempting to close it. Sometimes, the ads will even get in the way of your chat box so you will end up opening an external link instead of typing a message.

Sending messages, among other functionalities, can be done for free, which is a plus. You may upload photos on the chatbox if you want. Another thing to take note of is that when navigating inside your inbox, expect to see a lot of advertisements that pose as if they are part of the site to bait you into clicking.


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