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Evaluation equipment, including the Via Directory regarding Pros (VIA-IS) together with Thru List regarding Characteristics-Childhood Version (VIA-Youth) (viacharacter

Evaluation equipment, including the Via Directory regarding Pros (VIA-IS) together with Thru List regarding Characteristics-Childhood Version (VIA-Youth) (viacharacter

Evaluation equipment, including the Via Directory regarding Pros (VIA-IS) together with Thru List regarding Characteristics-Childhood Version (VIA-Youth) (viacharacter

– Dedication [time and energy, industriousness]: Completing exactly what you to initiate; persevering when you look at the a course of action despite obstacles; “getting it out the door”; taking pleasure in doing jobs

– Honesty [credibility, integrity]: Speaking the fact however, so much more broadly to present on your own in the a real means and pretending in a respectful ways; are in the place of pretense; bringing obligations for one’s emotions and tips

– Zest [powers, passion, energy, energy]: Approaching lifetime with adventure and energy; maybe not doing things halfway otherwise halfheartedly; life style life as an adventure; feeling alive and you may activated

– Love (power to like and start to become cherished): Respecting intimate connections with individuals, specifically those in and this revealing and caring is reciprocated; becoming near to some one

The first particular the new Through-Teens provided 198 activities, but a short function which have 96 activities has also been verified

– Generosity [generosity, nurturance, care, mercy, non-profit love, «niceness»]: Doing favors and a deeds for other individuals; permitting him or her; taking good care of her or him

– Personal Cleverness [emotional intelligence, individual cleverness]: Being conscious of brand new intentions/thinking away from anybody else and you will yourself; knowing what to-do to fit into the additional personal facts; knowing what produces anybody else tick

– Teamwork [citizenship, societal obligation, loyalty]: Operating really since a person in a team or team; becoming loyal into class; undertaking your display

– Fairness: Treating everybody an equivalent considering notions regarding equity and you can justice; perhaps not enabling attitude prejudice behavior throughout the others; providing people a fair options

– Leadership: Encouraging a group of which one try an associate discover things done and at the same time manage a relations in this the group; putting category factors and you can seeing as they happen

– Prudence: Being careful throughout the an individual’s possibilities; perhaps not delivering excessive dangers; not saying or doing things which could later on be regretted

– Appreciation off Beauty and you may Excellence [wonder, ponder, elevation]: Seeing and you can appreciating charm, excellence, and/or competent show in different domains out of lives; out-of characteristics, to help you artwork, so you’re able to math, so you’re able to technology, in order to casual experience

– Guarantee [optimism, future-mindedness, future orientation]: Pregnant an informed down the road and dealing to attain it; convinced that an excellent future is a thing which is often delivered on the

– Jokes [playfulness]: Preference so you’re able to make fun of and tease; taking grins to many other people; viewing the new white front; while making (not always telling) laughs

– Spirituality [religiousness, faith, purpose]: That have coherent values regarding large mission and you can meaning of brand new universe; understanding in which you to definitely suits within the huge system; with viewpoints regarding meaning of existence one shape run and you can bring spirits

Examining Profile Pros

org), have been developed and you can learned around the countries (McGrath, 2014; Park Peterson, 2006b; Shryack, Steger, Krueger, Kallie, 2010; Singh Choubisa, 2010; van Eeden, Wissing, Dreyer, Playground, Peterson, 2008). They are both worry about-report procedures of your own twenty-four profile characteristics and you can six virtues demonstrated in Desk 1. For each equipment was created to be a self-statement size, helping youth and you can grownups in order to article on the levels to which it embody the advantages, considering the recognized importance and cost out of mind-attitudes out-of advantages in the advising profile energy review and interventions. This new Via-Was was made to have adults old 18 and over, while the Thru-Childhood for kids age ten–17 ages.

Experts discovered one scores on the Thru-Try has adequate accuracy that have mature populations in america (McGrath, 2014), having equivalent precision in translated items of your size (Littman-Ovadia Lavy, 2012; Macdonald, Drill, Munro, 2008; Ruch ainsi que al., 2010; Singh Choubisa, 2010). New Through-Youngsters is made subsequent to the fresh new Via-Is to try to increase the fresh evaluation from character importance in order to students and you can youthfulness, from the changing and creating ages-suitable products reflective of your twenty four reputation strengths examined into VIA-Was. Those things was indeed created to become strongly related the latest contexts navigated of the teenagers, integrating opinions of young people, instructors, and you may moms and dads (Steen, Kachorek, Peterson, 2003). Those things on brief setting was in fact picked of the pinpointing brand new five most emotionally robust items for each character power, and you may precision philosophy have been similar on the quick and you may enough time forms. Subsequent studies have discover strong correlations anywhere between results with the quick as well as the a lot of time models (Thru Institute on Profile, n.d.), recommending one to one another versions are examining an equivalent constructs. Researchers have also found results towards the Via-Youth reveal strong correlations having teacher critiques off student character benefits, recommending concurrent authenticity (Macdonald, Exercise, Munro, 2008; Playground Peterson, 2006a). Likewise, researchers have discovered your Through-Teens is different from most other tests out of positive psychological constructs (e.g., identification features, lifestyle satisfaction) adding book recommendations to help you assessments out of positive psychological constructs.


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