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Being a pisces you are romantic , kind , caring and need emotional connection with your love-mate

Being a pisces you are romantic , kind , caring and need emotional connection with your love-mate

Being a pisces you are romantic , kind , caring and need emotional connection with your love-mate

but. he is not my ideal guy and my instinct told me to get away but i still want to give him a chance. so i tried to talk to him but he awkwardly replied to every question i asked.(it was like a formal interview) but i still want to give him a chance so i quietly observe him..

he act cool and he show off a lot he flirt a lot he loves to criticize even me sure he helps me a lot and acts sweet and cute but. he loves to go with female friends and do all gossiping (that is the biggest turnoff for me) he acts childishly and calling his female friends ‘yo! bitches’

I am finding ways to avoid him

then..after reading all the comments from this site. my instinct was right. I need to avoid getting into relationship with him at all cost.

I have always been interested in astrology and never been biased in my opinion about a person untill now

Virgo men (I dont know about women) are controlling, abusive, irresponsible, cheap, mean, insecure, demanding, manipulative.. Should I go on?

It’s almost like they just don’t know how to be a healthy, balanced and adult male and therefor rejoice in degrading women. Beware of this sadistic and misogynistic streak! It may save you alot of trouble in the future!

Well. this Virgo guy started to chase me. after knowing his true colour …but I feel like a coward so.

miki – The best way to get rid of a virgo is to avoid him at any cost. Do not contact him. Stop receiving his calls and texts. Block him. Tell him on his face that you are not interested. «WHICH YOU WILL NEVER FIND IN A VIRGO».They are emotionally not capable to make that strong emotional forever lasting connection as they are ruled by Mercury -«THE PRINCE OF THIEVES». So my advice to you is that avoid this virgo at any damn cost or else your heart will die under his watch.

OMG. Everything is so true about the virgo man. Just broke up with a virgo guy. really heartbroken but proud og myself that i managed to get out of that hell. Seriously he was soooo manipulative and if things went wrong «it was my faulth». Never been so «mentally disturbed» before. First 4 months were great. Was in touch with him several times a day, he was sooooo sweet and caring, but when he found out that i was really falling for him and things were great he started his «being busy» game, getting distant and suddenly things was just not working out. The worst experience of my life. Its ofcourse mean to judge every virgo just because i met the wrong guy, but after reading the comments here only one conclusion: They are all the

most of the virgos wont usually bother to giv any justification or explaination here cz dey believe dat dey shud b respected for trying to help any1. i rly appreciate ozzie here. yes virgos do hav insecurity. n yes dey r obsessed wid perfection. dey want deir partners to b wot dey dream of perfection. but dis also applies to dem. dey demselves also want to b what dey dream of. dey lik to b perfect themselves. dey kno deir drawbacks n try to hide em. n wen sum1 points it out. dey ‘run away’ from d truth. dats bcoz dey fantasize perfection. dat explains d insecurity. virgos r usually quite practical n busy wid important things n wont bother to express demselves or ‘try to be communicative’ with ppl who dont actually value or respect deir efforts.


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